2020 Subaru Crosstreck Hybrid

Discover this new 2020 Crosstrek plug-in hybrid model
Introducing the Subaru that forges a new path and explores all possible avenues at the same time-the all-new 2020 Subaru Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid. This dynamic crossover combines class-leading Subaru qualities-superior versatility, capability and driving dynamics-with the added benefit of an eco-friendly hybrid system linked to Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time AWD. Well-equipped out of the gate with a range of standard safety systems, comfort features and advanced connectivity, the Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid is the perfect package for those in need of some good, clean fun. It's ready for all kinds of adventure, from all-electric cruising in the downtown core to carefree road trips that span from coast to coast.
The Subaru Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid utilizes Subaru StarDriveTM Technology, which creates a seamless link between the electric motors and the SUBARU BOXER® gasoline engine. The battery pack can be replenished in one of two ways: by plugging the vehicle into an outlet or by simply driving, with the gas engine providing on-the-fly recharging. The Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid sends power to all four wheels via Subaru Symmetrical Full-Time AWD, yet is rated at 2.6 Le/100 km and up to 774 km of total range. These figures are best-in-class for AWD compact crossovers, so you should feel free to explore more.