Can I purchase a Subaru vehicle from the U.S.A and import it to Canada?
Not all new USA Subaru vehicles are able to be imported into Canada because of differences in safety and emission regulations between Canada and the United States. Contact the National Registrar for Imported Vehicles (1-888-848-8240) or visit their website at www.riv.ca to obtain a list of eligible vehicles.

If you have a USA vehicle that is eligible to be imported into Canada you must first obtain a statement of recall clearance letter from Subaru of America. (1-800-782-2783)

Please note that in order to obtain warranty repairs for 2008 and newer cars you will have the option of:

1. Returning to the United States to have the repair completed at no cost to yourself

2. Have the repair performed at a Canadian Subaru dealer and submit the invoice to Subaru of America for reimbursement

What is ABS?
ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is a sophisticated computer-controlled system that modulates brake pressure during hard braking to help avoid wheel lock-up and maintain steering control. When the wheels are beginning to lock, the computer causes the brakes to pulse more rapidly than is humanly possible. This allows the wheels to rotate rather than skid. When the ABS is engaged, it is not uncommon for the driver to detect a slight pulsation through the brake pedal. Subaru's four sensor system monitors and modulates pressure at each wheel.

I would like to add an aftermarket accessory to my vehicle. Will this impact my warranty?
Claims will be declined for any repairs deemed to be necessary due to the non-Subaru part or its installation. Always consult with your Subaru dealer before installing aftermarket parts or accessories.

I want to replace the original factory stereo with an aftermarket audio system.
Subaru does offer a selection of dealership-installed audio accessories for certain audio systems. Please contact your dealership to determine if Subaru audio accessories are offered for your particular Subaru model and trim level. We do not recommend modifying your vehicle from its original factory specifications. This includes replacing the original stereo equipment with any system other than what was originally designed for use in your vehicle. Modifications could affect your vehicle's performance, safety or durability. In addition, damage or performance problems resulting from the modification may not be covered under warranty.

I want to modify my subaru and install different components to the engine or drivetrain. Can you recommend anything?
Sorry, but no. Subaru Canada will only recommend what was originally designed for use in your Subaru as it was originally tested, marketed and sold in Canada. Always check with your Subaru dealer before modifying your vehicle's engine or drivetrain. Most modifications will result in voiding your drivetrain warranty.

Should airbags deploy in all accidents?
Front driver and passenger airbags deploy if a vehicle impact is more severe than the pre-determined design threshold level. Below this level, these airbags may not deploy. The threshold velocity is higher when striking a solid, deformable barrier such as a parked car or sign pole, or when a soft-impact frontal collision involves an engine, hood or front upper fenders. Deployment levels can also vary depending on a vehicle's overall structure and the angle at which it's struck.

In addition to the front driver and passenger airbags, some vehicles are also equipped with side-impact airbags and/or curtain airbags. These will only deploy in a side impact of sufficient force.

Please refer to the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) section in your owner's manual for more information.

Can I get an on/off switch installed for my airbags?
Subaru Canada, Inc. does not offer on/off switches for its airbags.

What causes air conditioner odour and how can I prevent it from occurring?
During air conditioner operation, cold refrigerant is pumped through the evaporator core by an engine-driven compressor. A fan then blows air through "fins" in the evaporator to cool the air. These fins also act as an air filter, trapping bacteria, spores, and dirt. These airborne particles are normally washed out a drain hole with condensation, but may adhere to a moist evaporator and cause an unpleasant odour. This effect is more frequently found in humid climates where more condensation accumulates. This situation is not unique to Subaru; it is an industry-wide condition.

Tips for preventing A/C odour: (1) avoid parking under trees to reduce the possibility of leaves entering the air intake; (2) use the fresh air setting on your climate control rather than the recirculated air setting whenever possible to allow the evaporator to dry out; (3) drive on paved roads whenever feasible as dusty conditions may accelerate the condition.

If the condition already exists, spraying the outside air intake with a disinfectant such as "Lysol" or a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water (1 to 5 ratio/mixture) with the blower on level three and the system in "Fresh Air" Mode may help. If the odour persists, we recommend you contact your Subaru dealership for a thorough evaluation of the condition.

Can I use synthetic oil in my engine?
All Subaru vehicles come from the factory with natural petroleum-based engine oil. Although more expensive, synthetic oil offers a number of advantages and may protect your engine better in both hot and cold temperatures. It reduces friction, thus increasing horsepower and decreasing fuel consumption. Synthetic oil minimizes ongoing wear and deterioration in your engine, which can result in longer engine life.

Synthetic oil should meet or exceed the specifications provided in your Owner's Manual. Even if synthetic oil is used, we do not recommend a longer oil-change interval. Also, once synthetic oil is used, you should keep using it and not switch back and forth with natural petroleum-based oil. Oils with a 5W designation are recommended for use in Canada.

The Subaru New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover any damage to the engine resulting from the use of substandard engine oil, engine oil that is defective or engine oil that does not meet the specifications provided in your Owner's Manual, regardless of whether the oil is natural or synthetic. You can protect yourself against this possibility by having your maintenance performed by a factory-authorized Subaru dealership.

If I'm traveling outside Canada, will I still have my warranty coverage?
Your vehicle is protected by Subaru Canada's warranty if you travel within Canada and the continental United States only.