Winter Tires


Winter Tires in Stratford

Did you know that at temperatures below 7°C, all-season and summer tires begin to lose elasticity, resulting in reduced traction?

How are they different?

Winter tires have a soft rubber compound that remains flexible as temperatures drop to ensure your tires grip the road. All season tires aren't equipped for harsh Canadian winters - despite being called "all season tires".
When do I put my tires on and take them off?

Winter Tires are designed to be used at temperatures below 7°C. At the first sign of consistent weather below 7°C, get those tires on? Similarily, once the temperatures raise above 7°C in the Spring, take them off. Using your Winter tires in the warm weather will increase their lifespan.
Do I need 4 Winter Tires?

Yes! A common myth is that you only need winter tires on the wheels that drive the car. Having only 2 winter tires causes a traction mismatch that can have serious consequences when braking.
How do I know if I already have winter tires?

Winter tires are marked with a snowflake symbol on the sidwall of the tire. If you're not sure, stop byour service department and one of our Service Consulants will be happy to look and advise you on what type of tires you may have.
Winter Tire Pressure

During the winter months, check the pressure in your tires on a montly basis to ensure they are enflated to the proper specifications. The proper pressure levels are typically listed on a sticker inside the drivers-side door jam. Due to the fluxuation in temperatures, the volume of air within the tires will change and can effect the performance of the tire.
Insurance Discounts

Since April 2015, drivers in Ontario will receive insurance discounts for having and using winter tires.


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